As a lifelong resident of Antioch, my business and personal life depends on the quality of the Delta.  I happen to be an avid fisherman.  Many people who live here love the Delta for its fishing as well as the water sports like skiing and wakedboarding.  The entire communites of Discovery Bay and Bethel Island are built around the access to the Delta.  My great grandfather relocated from Italy to Pittsburg to be a commercial fisherman in the Delta.  At that time, the fishery was so great and fresh that it supported an entire generation of Italian fisherman to relocate to our area.  Over the last century, water flows have been diverted and our fishing quality has diminished.  Now, Governor Brown has recesitated the peripheral canal which would divert massive water flows from Sacramento to Southern California.  This would starve our region of fresh water further damaging our fishery and make the water less suitable for water sports.  The citizens of Northern California, especially the Delta region need to fight this proposal.  It impacts our property values and our quality of life.  What will our grandkids say about the Delta “back then”  Will it even exist??  Here is an interesting artical about the proposed diversion.