Typically we think of reverse mortgages as refinance products for our clients 62 years and older. It is a great program that enables seniors with equity to eliminate their house payment thus allowing them to live on a lower monthly income. Another approach to Reverse Mortgages is in the purchase of a property. The perfect scenerio is a senior who has a large percentage for down payment but is unable to qualify under traditional mortgage financing because they are on a fixed income. The reverse would allow them to purchase the home without having to income qualify. For our neighbors in Sommerset and Trilogy in Brentwood and as well as Trilogy in Rio Vista this can be a good option. This program is not limited to active adult community. Anyone can use it if they have the equity to qualify. Give us a call if you would like to sit down and run the numbers to see if a reverse mortgage would be a fit for you. 925-513-0444