Beautiful Pleasant Hill, California, has been drawing people in for over 50 years.  Its ideal location in the east part of the San Francisco Bay Area means you can access all that the city has to offer and then escape to the hills and oak trees – your daily retreat just off I-680. Pleasant Hill Mortgage Lenders work hard to find you just the right home in this area.  The area offers a mix of residential and business, with plenty of shopping nearby.

The Mediterranean climate gives you warm summers perfect for grilling and backyard entertaining.  Cold winters are rare, so you can escape from the snow and biting wind of the Midwest. Quiet fog from the bay slips over during the winter, but sometimes makes appearances during the summer, too.

For those seeking higher education, there are a few options. Diablo Valley College is located there and is a junior college with good merits.  JFK University is also located in Pleasant Hill, and offers degree completion programs in a number of areas, including psychology, business, and criminal justice. The transit system, Bay Area Rapid Transit or BART, can take you wherever you want to go throughout the Bay Area.

Pleasant Hill has its own entertainment, too, including parks and pools.  There is a monument to veterans on Monument Boulevard.  This charming area has cooling trees and a nearby creek paralleled by a trail ideal for hiking or biking. Mt. Diablo is within easy access, so you can enjoy a weekend of horseback riding or photography.  Geology buffs can have a great time studying the unusual formations of the mountain, and if you enjoy fossils, there are plenty to look at near the summit.  Artists are often inspired by the scenery and the view from the top.  If you’ve decided this is the place for you, let one of the Pleasant Hill Mortgage Lenders help you move into your dream home.

First time buyers can benefit from contacting Pleasant Hill Mortgage Lenders to help them with the process.  There are so many questions that come up in the process of buying a home, so it helps to have a professional guide you.  It can be confusing choosing how to finance, too, since there are so many programs out there.  There are FHA and VA loans, along with others to consider.  Types of loans include purchase loans, home equity loans, and refinancing loans.

Perhaps you already live in this ideal area, and you want to take advantage of the lower interest rates to save some money on your mortgage each month.  There are Pleasant Hill Mortgage Lenders who can help you with this, too.  They can walk you through the process, give you advice and information, and help you complete all of the necessary paperwork. If you are a retiree, you can leverage the equity in your home with a reverse mortgage, too, and a lender can give you info about these products as well.