The ball has dropped. Did we avoid the fiscal cliff? That is yet to be seen. Here is one thing I am sure of. 2013 will be the last year to lock in the greatest interest rates of our generation. Combined with some expiring programs at the end of the year to benefit underwater homebuyers, the time to act is now How are we so confident that rates are at bottom? The federal reserve has been pumping money into the mortgage market on a monthly basis. This effort has kept interest rates very low. Ultimately, the printing of money will stop. The two biggest buzzwords for the next decade will be our enormous federal deficit which continues to grow and the guaranteed inflation that will hit as a result of the money printing. Inflation is the number one enemy of interest rates and it is only a matter of when, not if it will impact all interest rates. As you work through your resolutions, make sure that a financial plan is at the top of the list.