Discovery Bay, California, is an area in and around the California Delta formed by the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers.  It is located in the far eastern part of Contra Costa County, near the Bay Area.  Many of the homes in Discovery Bay allow you to dock your boat right next to your house on artificial islands built out into the Delta. The town itself began in 1964 as a planned community, mostly for people who wanted to escape on the weekends to a resort-like area.  Discovery Bay Mortgage Lenders can help you find a home in this lovely area so you can relax at your personal resort any time you want.

Education in Discovery Bay is provided by three public schools and one private school.  There’s a unique library – it’s all automated and it vends your library book to you.  You can also visit a neighboring town for a brick and mortar library experience.  Whether you want to live in a gated community or in a neighborhood, you can choose from either.

The climate is Mediterranean, like much of California, but the proximity to the water makes Discovery Bay more like Venice, and the waters are reminiscent of Venice, too.  Mild winters, especially when compared to back east, and temperate summers that stay in the 80s or 90s most days make the climate appealing. Are you ready to move here yet?  Be sure to talk to one of the Discovery Bay Mortgage Lenders when you are.  Want to know more about the area?  Read on!

Shopping can be done at one of two shopping areas.  You are surrounded by agriculture for a peaceful place to go for a drive.  Public transit into the Bay Area is more difficult than some other areas, since there is not a direct link to BART, the Bay Area heavy rail and subway system.  There has been talk of extending a line of BART out to neighboring Byron but it has yet to be built.  There is, however, the TriDelta Transit system that can take you to many places in the eastern part of the county.

Recreation is available in abundance thanks to the proximity to the Delta.  You can do any number of activities, including water skiing, wake boarding, boating, and fishing. There is a golf course nearby that has received rave reviews. Plus, you are not that far from San Francisco, with all of the arts centers, restaurants, museums, and professional sports teams it possesses.

Discovery Bay Mortgage Lenders can help you with new loans if you want to move to this area, or help you refinance an existing loan if you have already discovered this lovely town and want to take advantage of the current interest rates and perhaps leverage some of the equity in your home.

New home loans for first time buyers can be almost dizzyingly confusing.  Finding one of the Discovery Bay Mortgage Lenders to help you is a must.  There are so many factors to consider – fixed rate or adjustable rate?  FHA or VA loan?  Let the area’s lenders give you advice and find you the perfect home.