Why buy a home in Contra Costa County?  There are a lot of reasons why our area is a great place to live.  So if you are thinking of buying a home or relocating from another area, take the time to look at what Contra Costa County has to offer.  We are centrally located in Northern California.  Our proximity to the employment hubs of San Francisco and the silicon valley make our area a prime spot to plant your roots.  The communities are all family oriented with great schools,  lot of activities and fabulous weather.  We would love to help you determine the best community to suit your needs.  From the east county of Discovery Bay to west county Richmond to central county Walnut Creek, we can give you the insight on each of these areas.  Some of the topics to discuss would be schools, employment areas, commute options and median home prices to name a few.  Lastly, we have been working with the top Real Estate Agents in the county for over 20 years.  With 2 offices serving Contra Costa County, we know the experts.  In today’s challenging Real Estate market, it is critical to have the right agent.  For that reason, call us first.  Let us help you determine an area and then find the right agent that is best qualified to suit your families needs.  Welcome to our home, we know you will truly enjoy it.