Mark DiMercurio

Warm, sunny skies and proximity to one of America’s most interesting cities – Brentwood, California, has it all.  East of San Francisco, Brentwood is surrounded by agricultural lands that today still grow stone fruits like peaches and cherries, sweet summer corn, as well as award winning wine grapes and oak trees for shade.

If you decide you want to move to Brentwood, you will be in good company, and one of the Brentwood Mortgage Lenders can help you.  The population of the city more than doubled between 2000 and 2010.  Brentwood was originally founded back in the 1830s on a plain near the San Joaquin and Sacramento River Delta. The weather is warmer and drier than other parts of the Bay Area, thanks in part to Mt. Diablo.  Lush breezes off the river deltas make for more pleasant evenings than you might think given the average temperatures in July and August are in the low 90s.  Pleasant winters average highs in the middle 50s with mild rainfall.

When you are ready to buy a new home or relocate to the Brentwood area, contact one of the Brentwood Mortgage Lenders to discuss purchase loans, refinancing opportunities, and home equity products. The area is home to several housing developments that can give you a tranquil home in the suburbs and easy access to both Sacramento and San Francisco.  There are also tech jobs and partnerships with national research labs nearby for those looking to live near work.

There’s plenty of shopping in Brentwood for whatever you could want or need. If the arts are what appeal to you, there’s a wide variety to take in, including wine and jazz festivals and several museums. Schools are ranked highly, with several receiving distinguishing marks, and Los Medanos College has a branch campus in Brentwood.  There’s a library near the civic center, too, to catch up on the latest bestsellers or help with homework.

Public transit is more limited here than in some other cities in the region, but an expansion of the BART heavy rail line is planned for completion in 2015 which will grant access to the train into San Francisco and Oakland. Plus, there is the TriDelta Transit system that operates several bus lines in the east county area. You can locate one of the Brentwood Mortgage Lenders who can show you how to finance a home right where you want to be.

Like many cities in Contra Costa County, you have a view of Mt. Diablo and wonderful parks with hiking and biking trails to get your daily dose of sunshine in. Love to golf?  There are several courses here waiting for you to tee it up. The city has a Wellness Policy that encourages activity and healthy living. When the outdoors beckon you, and you want to live somewhere you can take them in any time you want, give one of the Brentwood Mortgage Lenders a call to talk about what is available so you can move here and live the life you love.