Antioch, California, is a community along the California Delta where many workers from San Francisco and Oakland head every evening to enjoy their peaceful suburban homes.  It’s located in the northeastern part of Contra Costa County along the delta formed by the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers.

Antioch has a rich history.  The city was founded in 1850, just a year after the big gold rush. There were coal mines found nearby just a few years later with copper mines following along shortly, and the area also supported farms and dairies.  The city also was home to a company that created the milk carton we know so well today by sealing paperboard boxes with a wax coating. As the Bay Area has grown in population, many people have turned to Antioch Mortgage Lenders and found their perfect homes in this diverse city.

The climate, like a lot of California, is Mediterranean.  The winters have rains but rarely get cold enough to see snow, and the summers are warm, perfect for getting outdoors and enjoying the sun.  The area is drier than some other parts of the Bay Area, so if the idea of the infamous San Francisco fog does not appeal, this might be just the place for you.

Antioch Mortgage Lenders can help you find just the right home so you can take advantage of some of the over 30 parks and the many walking trails in the area. You can stroll through some of the wildlife refuges and look at plants, animals, and butterflies.  If you like boating, there’s no problem with this either.  There are private marinas as well as a municipal one, and several yacht clubs.  Love fishing?  You can head over to one of two public piers, or go along the San Joaquin River or out to San Pablo Bay and indulge.

The area is home to two large medical companies who are in the list of the top three employers. Antioch is accessible by Amtrak as well as the Bay Area Rapid Transit heavy rail commuter trains and the TriDelta Transit system.

There is a historic theater, plus an arts council and several museums.  Plus, you are near all of the sports and food you could want in San Francisco.  For bookworms, the Antioch library is just across from the middle school.

Whether you are looking to move here from another part of the country or you already live in the Bay Area and you want to find a home outside the city, let one of the Antioch Mortgage Lenders help you navigate the process of finding the right type of loan for you.  They can handle purchase loans and mortgage planning.  If you already live in Antioch and want to see if you can qualify for a refinanced loan or a home equity loan, you should still talk to an expert.

Once you discover the warm respite found in Antioch, you won’t want to leave.  Give one of the Antioch Mortgage Lenders a call and set up an appointment today.  No more cold, snowy winters will be in your forecast again.  Unless you want to go skiing at Lake Tahoe!